California-Firewatch provides highly trained and certified armed guards to support your security challenges. Our armed security guards are authorized and licensed to carry firearms. We aim to keep your property and business in California safe and secure at all times. While our armed guards hope to never use their guns, in rare cases, they use their weapons to prevent loss of life and to protect properties.

Areas Our Armed Guards Protect?

Our armed security guards can protect a wide range of facilities including hospitals, hotels, homes, schools, commercial properties, restaurants, business premises, and construction sites. They are also available for domestic situations, special events, and personal security to deter a security concern or threat.

Our armed security guards have worked in the toughest neighborhoods in California. Their greatest asset is not the firearms they carry but their experience and skills in patrolling and securing all vulnerable areas.

Why Hire Our Armed Guards?

  • Qualified: All of our armed guards are registered with the state of California. Before they even get considered for hiring, they are thoroughly screened using a comprehensive drug testing and oral interview process. They are also subjected to background checks with local law enforcement agencies, the state, DOJ, FBI and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
  • Highly Trained: All our armed guards must take and pass the intensive firearm course and California Power of Arrest course. We not only sharpen and refine their talents with quality training but also prepare them for real-life situations.
  • Use Industry’s Best Security Practices: Our armed security guards use the industry’s best security practices to provide an elite level of protection for your employees, guests, merchandise, property, facility and other interests. They ensure our clients have a comforting sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Several Years of Experience: Experienced armed professionals who are fully prepared to protect and defend lives and properties within the scope of the law. They use their experience to prevent minor issues from turning into deadly security concerns.
  • Fully Equipped: Our armed guards are fully equipped with firearms, flashlight, cell phones, walkie-talkie, two-way radios, time clock, pen, log book, and other essentials.

Get In Touch

To learn more about our armed security guards and to schedule a free consultation, feel free to contact our experts at California-Firewatch. We serve residents and commercial businesses and facilities in Sacramento and Oakland area.